ACER Scholarship Tests
Terms and conditions for schools

By submitting a registration on behalf of your school you are agreeing to the matters listed below.


  1. For schools participating in a cooperative program the school agrees not to release information about results, or make scholarship offers, until after the results embargo date as published in the Schedule of dates.
  2. For schools participating in a cooperative program the school agrees to consider all applicants regardless of preference order. Or if a school will only consider first preference applicants this information must be clearly communicated to applicants' parents and guardians via the school's website and included in the help text provided in the Online Application System.
  3. Not to use or divulge to any third party information concerning the test questions in the ACER scholarship tests for your own or any third party's personal or commercial gain.
  4. Not to publish any specific part or aspect of the content of ACER scholarship tests. This includes on the internet, in any digital format or other format.
  5. That any information you provide in respect of your registration for ACER scholarship tests may be used by ACER for all purposes connected with administering ACER scholarship tests.
  6. You agree that ACER may refuse you access to this Online Application and Administration Facility at any time in its sole discretion.


  1. To provide the school with access to an Online Administration Database linked to an Online Application System, to provide an Administration Manual and to provide test materials within sufficient time prior to the school's published test date.
  2. To provide test analysis and result reports on the date published in the Schedule of dates for cooperative programs or within eight days of receiving returned test materials for schools that select an alternate test date.
  3. To reimburse schools for any additional application fees collected from candidates on behalf of the school.
  4. Any Personal Information ACER collects by way of this Online Registration System will be maintained in accordance with ACER's Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).