You are applying for the Cooperative Scholarship Testing Program at Mount Alvernia College.

Please read the following information carefully before applying.

The Mount Alvernia College scholarship program supports education opportunities for students commencing in Years 7 and 10. The program recognises general excellence or high potential in academic disciplines.

When a student becomes a member of the Mount Alvernia College community they join a group of inspired and hope-filled young people with a desire for learning and life – equipped to transform the world. Our curriculum, whilst challenging, offers students a vast range of academic and vocational pathways – it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.
We look forward to welcoming students who are committed to the pursuit of excellence and commend applicants on their interest in becoming a part of a thriving learning community chosen by over 950 students for their education journey.

When applying for a scholarship with the College, students should demonstrate:

- a commitment and dedication to achieve in their academic studies
- support for the College’s ethos, mission, and vision
- support for all aspects of the Student Behaviour Code
- capacity to be a role model for all students by encouraging the pursuit of excellence

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